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SEAS Consultants, LLC is recognized for its dedication to providing stellar support and guidance for stakeholder and community engagement initiatives.

SEAS is led by a Chief Principal, Dee Smith. Ms. Smith is a true leader and problem solver. Dee is a strategic generalist with a broad-based knowledge of communications, promotions, community engagement, local politics, and government operations. She has managed individuals, expectations, and situations while maintaining tactical relationships with government agencies, municipal utilities, and stakeholders to support the needs of all parties. Dee gained this experience first from planning and overseeing the logistical operations for multi-city promotional tours for independent and start-up music artists. The tours included travel, radio interviews,
promotional activities, and live stage performances.

Following her time in the music industry and running a successful events planning and music promotions company, Dee's innate drive for making a tangible impact led her to pivot towards public service, marking the onset of a remarkable 20-year career in local governmentDuring her time in government-she served as both Director of Constituent Services and Deputy Chief of Staff for two Council members in the nation's capital.  In those roles she oversaw the day-to-day operations of assisting residents with navigating city services, assisted with crafting new legislation, and championing budgetary endeavorsDee's tenure was marked by a steadfast commitment to ensuring the welfare and empowerment of the community and amplifying their voices within the corridors of power via clear and consistent communication with all parties.  Dee's fervent advocacy for community engagement burgeoned during her tenure.

SEAS is the culmination of these experiences and recognizing the indispensable role of stakeholder engagement in fostering transparent and responsive governance.  SEAS is rooted in the resolute belief of the transformative power of strategic community engagement.  

Through thoughtful guidance and collaborative endeavors, at SEAS we succeed in managing expectations and creating unique communications strategies, with an end goal of success for your project. We succeed by checking all the boxes and creating new ones where needed.

We guide your project strategically and compassionately to the desired goals.

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